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TIGO GmbH, a company registered under German law, is a biotech company with a unique and patented
technology platform in the field of recombinant receptor antagonists and other modulators to the cytokine interferon gamma (IFN-y), e.g. interferon beta (IFN-).

TIGOs unique approach is to develop such modulators as well as its proprietary innovative antagonists of IFN-y, targeted to counteract the negative effects of IFN-y in
alopecia areata (patchy hair loss). Alopecia areata is widely regarded as being a tissue specific autoimmune disease caused by IFN-y. There is a high unmet need for causal therapies as the currently available therapeutical approaches are disappointing and do only reveal limited success.

In a risk based approach TIGO pursues two options both derived from its unique know how on cytokines.

  • IFN- is the active ingredient of pharmaceutical preparations marketed for the indication multiple sclerosis. It was demonstrated in several models that IFN- inhibits the expression or the effects of IFN-y in several experimental models. TIGO concluded that one approach to develop a causal treatment of alopecia areata would be the re-positioning of IFN- and showing its effect in a clinical proof-of-concept trial in this new indication. A European patent is pending.

  • Further, TIGO is pursuing the innovative approach of developing its recombinant receptor antagonists to IFN-y as new biological entities in the indication alopecia areata. The patented IFN-y antagonists do inhibit IFN-y in different cell based assays. These results are to be regarded as pre-clinical proof of concept as IFN-y is species specific and therefore valid animal models are not available. Next development step is a basic first-in-man program and a submission of an EIND with the US FDA.

Furthermore, TIGO's objective is to develop proprietary innovative pharmaceutical products to prevent the negative effects of IFN-y in
graft arteriosclerosis / transplant vasculopathy. Cardiac transplantation is the most effective treatment for advanced heart failure. Although there is significant progress in immunosuppressive therapy to prevent rejection of the transplanted heart, there is a steady loss of 3-5% of grafts p.a. due to graft arteriosclerosis. IFN-y is playing a key role in the progressing luminal stenosis of blood vessels, in particular of the conduit arteries described in graft arteriosclerosis. This process can lead to a complete occlusion of vessels, resulting in heart failure and graft loss.

TIGO's management has profound experience in manufacturing, development, marketing & sales of pharmaceutical products in a global environment. This background as well as access to global professional networks and authorities will contribute to the company's ability to successfully bring its innovative concepts to the international markets. The research activities are undertaken in cooperation with world class research partners in the respective area.

The company is financed via equity and owner's loans. Based on promising results of the proof-of-concept data , discussions with potential partners for co-development and out-licensing are initiated. This will support the development schedule foreseeing that first commercial product sales will be effected in 2019 with a potential of selling up to 250 Mio in the fifth year after launch.

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